Final project 1: Digital Literacy Project

I decided to use my students during summer school to complete this project. My students this summer were mostly ELL and Special Education students. One of our main focuses for the summer was retelling both fiction and non-fiction stories. Then they would do their best (invented spelling) in writing a “summary”. I thought for a final activity for them it would be fun to create comic strips instead of writing a summary to show the main events in order.

First, we read the story “Franklin Fibs”, since our theme this summer had been reptiles and bugs. Students listened for the main parts in the story beginning, middle and end. We decided to include two middle parts since the story was longer and we didn’t want to leave out any main events. Next, students filled out a graphic organizer that would help them create their comic strip in periodic order. It included things such as characters, setting, and a beginning, middle and end “pie”. We filled this paper out as a whole group.

franklin 2 franklin 3

Finally, students were sent to the computer, with their papers as helpers, to create their comic of what happened in the story. We used the website Make Beliefs Comix to create our comic strips. Before heading  to the computer we talked about how there was no turtle animal for them to chose so they would have to find other characters represent Franklin and his friends.

Students had previous experience with this program earlier in the week during center time and as a whole group. During this time they got to experiment with the program and we learned how to use the controls.

Overall, students did an excellent job with their comic strips. We were able to show them on the smartboard when they were done and they retold the story to the class using their comic strips. I can’t wait to implement this activity again during the regular school year! Below are a few examples of their work!





2 thoughts on “Final project 1: Digital Literacy Project

  1. Christina

    Ally, very cool. I like how you took a skill they’ve been developing since kindergarten (retelling) and introduced a new and engaging dimension to it. I bet they loved it, too!
    Did it take long for them to figure out the process?


    1. Not long at all! I first showed them the program on the smartboard and we discussed how the tools worked. Then the next 2 days they all got an opportunity to “play around” with it.


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