Discussion Question: Module 3

Spelling is a big topic that has been discussed amongst my third grade team. We do not have a spelling program and our reading program does have one integrated into it either. One of the things I really like about taking classes while working is being able to turn key what I have learned. So my discussion question this week is not really a question at all. More of a place where people can share their ideas and experiences on spelling and word study in their own classrooms.
Please share one or two best practices that you have used, or researched, involving spelling and/or word study.


2 thoughts on “Discussion Question: Module 3

  1. Ally,

    A practice that I use to help students with spelling and/or word study is stretching out words…literally! When I am working in small groups I provide each student with a slinky (you can get them at the dollar store). The slinky excites students, makes them engaged, and serves as a helpful manipulative. I will give students a word such as, cat. Together we will pull the slinky out for each sound we here, /c/ /a/ /t/. This activity helps students with speech to print, as suggested when instructing phonological awareness.


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