Reflection: A Historical Persective on Reading Research and Practice

I will start out by being honest. I was truly not aware of all of the history behind the development for reading and writing.  As teachers we have been told best practices on how to teach reading and in some psychology classes have discussed a little bit about the why, but I never questioned where this all originated from and why it has ended up the way it is now. After reading about all the different era’s, I noticed how each one seemed to “piggy back” on the previous one, changing and developing the things that did not work previously. As said at the end of the reading, “As we look across the eras of reading research on learners and learning and consider the characteristics and guiding principles unique to each, we cannot help but recognize that there are patterns evident in the fabric of that literature on learners and learning that bind those eras together.”

Also, it was interesting to see and understand why we teach reading the way we do today. The article mentioned that reading has changed based on what is happening around us. For example, the baby boomers era and Sputnik during the 1960s and 1970s had a large impact on reading research. Today we are integrating technology because that is what our students are going to need to function in this society. Every day the world around us seems to change as well as the needs of our students. It seems only logical that teaching reading and writing would be changing with those needs as well.


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